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From Scratch Breakfast

Here at Bryce Trails B&B we provide a full breakfast in the morning for our guests! We take the time to make everything from scratch so we can insure our guests have the best ingredients possible. 
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The best breakfast always starts with the best produce you can get. YES! We do have our own chickens, so we serve farm fresh eggs every morning. YES! We have our own garden where we grow our own organic food. 
We always serve a fresh fruit and yogurt parfait with granola on the side (if you wish to add it), fresh baked fruit bread, seasonal melon, and bacon/or sausage. We also serve a main dish such as;
  • Eggs Benedict, (Vegetarian and Gluten Free options are available)
  • South Western Hash-brown Bake, (GF and Vegetarian versions available.)
  • Scrambled eggs with refried beens and avocado/tomato salad on the side with bacon (GF, Vegetarian version doesn't have bacon.)
  • Stuffed Crepes with Fruit compote and bacon on the side, (GF and Vegetarian versions also available)
  • Scotch Eggs with home made mustard sauce and baby arugula, (GF version available)
  • Belgium waffles or aebleskivers with homemade syrup and bacon on the side (GF and vegetarian versions available)
  • All these delicious meals during the season comes with some nice treats like apple or raspberry turnovers, muffins, cookies, apple cinnamon crumble bake with ice cream, pavlova,  peach/cream-cheese layering cakes. We constantly upgrade our menu so surprises can happen. 
  • So far we have the best breakfast in the area and we are proud of that!

We have available for our guests a choice of coffee Lavazza espresso, hot organic tea, hot chocolate (sugar free also), ice water, juice and milk. We truly believe that the best breakfast can be cooked only on grandma's old cast iron skillets that's why we use 100 years and older cooking ware for multiple reasons. 1st  - we don't feed you with teflon or any other cooking ware surface flakes additionally to your breakfast. 2nd who doesn't remember how good and tasty was the food cooked on grandma's black old cast iron skillet? Breakfast is most important meal of the day so that's why it has to be tasty and you must be full to the edge!

If you are wanting to leave early to catch sunrise or just to start the day early we offer after 7am our "To-Go" breakfast which includes; a fruit and yogurt cup with granola on the side, toasted bread with cream cheese, bacon and/or eggs. A cup of coffee or tea.

We also have gluten free, dairy free and Vegetarian/Vegan options which include; a choice of granola or oatmeal, we always have gluten free bread and fruit bread. Gluten free Eggs Benedict - how does it sound? Or have you ever tried gluten free Aebleskivers? A lot of options are available, just sometimes you have to ask. We can't serve everything, but it's worth trying. We also have Almond milk or lactose free milk available.
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Children 7 and older
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